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Welcome Back!

Well... Here we are. Back to using e107. Of course, its better than it was before. We will be using this and articles/sections and pages to deliver the content for our media services and games. We will likely NOT use forums. Comments will be moderated and turned off if become heavy on spam.

For now registration is allowed.

Become a Beastmaster!

 Tagban   09 Feb 2019 : 19:32
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Have you ever wanted to explore the world as the original solo job? Lets do it! BST is a very underutilized job on the server. Lets see that change! ROCK ON PEOPLE LETS KICK SOME ASSSSSSS!

FFXIV 1.0 Server Closed

 Tagban   03 Feb 2019 : 12:47
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While this was a fun excursion, only 5 people tried this out. FFXIV retail is a much better option for most people so I'd recommend that. has a presence on the Excalibur server, and has been on FFXIV since Alpha testing 1.0. It is still a fantastic game, if not more so now, so I would recommend checking it out. You can follow the 1.0 project: We'll be bringing something new soon to fill the gap.

Ragnarok Shutting Down

 Tagban   15 Dec 2018 : 21:21
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Hello everyone! After much debate, due to lack of use, we will be shutting down our Ragnarok server effective December 22nd 2018. We will be using the room for another new thing to do! So stay tuned for that!

Welcome Back!

 Tagban   01 Feb 2016 : 23:00
17757346_653834398145979_352579307872643010_n_2.jpg is proud to welcome you back to our website. You will NEED to re-register if you wish to be registered. There will NOT be forums now, so its not necessary. We've reverted back to e107 because it allows us to cleanly manage content, while not fussing with a forum system that noone was using. Expect to see many many new things soon!

- To do:
- Ragnarok Section
- FFXI Section
- WoW Classic Section (COMING SOON!)
- Diablo 3 Section
- Classic stuff
- Hotline HQ.