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FFXI Guide Updated

 Tagban   06 Apr 2019 : 20:07
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Greetings Adventurers! The server change happened last month however we finally updated the guide to reflect that, as well as starting today the new client is fully accessible to anyone new coming to join us. The client currently posted is the "EU" edition, which is recommended for ANY US players or people using the US install of PlayOnline as it won't interact with any of the POL stuff.

This also is a good step for a first time player so hit up the "Getting Started" guide under "Final Fantasy XI" menu at the top!


 Tagban   24 Mar 2019 : 21:58
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Just a heads up as we work on our new installer, we will also be releasing a new guide. The current guide will work (mostly) but you need to set the server to rather than

Once FFXI Updates again and if you update after that you will no longer be able to connect with a retail installed verison. Stay tuned for ours!


 Tagban   19 Mar 2019 : 01:19
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Our FFXI server is changing as of today, we will be closing down and revamping. We will become static at the current game version, but will be a brand new server (has been in testing for the last few weeks).

The server will be capped at 80, but have many many funserver settings retained. As you all know we had opened up GM access to everyone on the current server for its final hayday showdown.

This server will be closing on 3/19/2019 and will reopen at a new server address of --server

You can set your clients to that now once again if you have a FULLY updated client.

We will be posting a downloadable installer for our server which will utilize the FFXI EU registry (IE: if you have the EU version installed and want to work on RETAIL or ANY OTHER PRIVATE SERVER, you'll want to probably install the US version for retail and ours for our server.

Thanks! Stay tuned for further updates.

Server Changes ahead!

 Tagban   22 Feb 2019 : 20:46
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First off, let me preface this saying that this is not happening today, and is a while off from actual fruition. But eventually will be switching to an older version of FFXI and get set to a version locked version of both FFXI and DarkStar Project software.

DarkStar is a constantly evolving project, working towards a total retail experience similar to that of retail. They have a ton of moving parts, developers, and contributors. Often after a FFXI update, we have issues with mobs not working, certain drops not dropping, etc. staff are very dedicated to their livelyhoods and family, and no longer have the ability to retain updates to DarkStar standards. Because of this we wish to break away from that and stick with a static version similar to how Nasomi's server works. (But we still want a fun server!)
We will be working with Nasomi's installer, to create a custom launcher for FFXI. This will allow you to have an install of Nasomi's version that will also work with BNETCC's. What does this mean? This will ultimately mean you can jump onto the retail like Nasomi's server, or switch to ours whenever you want. This will also allow you to retain your copy of FFXI should you wish to play Retail or on other UPDATED private servers.
This will be rolling out on our test server over the next few weeks (Its been verified working as of today (2/22). Once test server looks solid, we will make the announcement of closing down the current fun server, and will open up a ton of commands for people to abuse over the last 2-3 weeks its live.
Once we're up and running we will adjust our step by step setup guides and allow you easier ways to use things. Nasomi's server uses a modified Ashita 2.0 (not 3.0) because it allows the modification directory of the registry entries which allows us to not interfere with a retail installation. If Ashita gets adjusted later to allow for the changed registry location it would actually be preferred to use 3.x.

I know change isn't always easy. The idea here is to provide a quality fun experience without the need for supervision/gm inteference. This will be a soloable 75cap server once all is said and done, but we would obviously encourage grouping/parties. Nasomi's server is an amazing testament to the modification of DSP's core software and we look forward to expanding that concept, but also opening it up for others to use should more servers want to go this route down the road.

Thank you all! And have a great week!

Become a Beastmaster!

 Tagban   09 Feb 2019 : 19:32
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Have you ever wanted to explore the world as the original solo job? Lets do it! BST is a very underutilized job on the server. Lets see that change! ROCK ON PEOPLE LETS KICK SOME ASSSSSSS!

FFXIV 1.0 Server Closed

 Tagban   03 Feb 2019 : 12:47
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While this was a fun excursion, only 5 people tried this out. FFXIV retail is a much better option for most people so I'd recommend that. has a presence on the Excalibur server, and has been on FFXIV since Alpha testing 1.0. It is still a fantastic game, if not more so now, so I would recommend checking it out. You can follow the 1.0 project: We'll be bringing something new soon to fill the gap.

Ragnarok Shutting Down

 Tagban   15 Dec 2018 : 21:21
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Hello everyone! After much debate, due to lack of use, we will be shutting down our Ragnarok server effective December 22nd 2018. We will be using the room for another new thing to do! So stay tuned for that!

Welcome Back!

 Tagban   01 Feb 2016 : 23:00
17757346_653834398145979_352579307872643010_n_2.jpg is proud to welcome you back to our website. You will NEED to re-register if you wish to be registered. There will NOT be forums now, so its not necessary. We've reverted back to e107 because it allows us to cleanly manage content, while not fussing with a forum system that noone was using. Expect to see many many new things soon!

- To do:
- Ragnarok Section
- FFXI Section
- WoW Classic Section (COMING SOON!)
- Diablo 3 Section
- Classic stuff
- Hotline HQ.