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 Tagban   19 Mar 2019 : 01:19
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Our FFXI server is changing as of today, we will be closing down and revamping. We will become static at the current game version, but will be a brand new server (has been in testing for the last few weeks).

The server will be capped at 80, but have many many funserver settings retained. As you all know we had opened up GM access to everyone on the current server for its final hayday showdown.

This server will be closing on 3/19/2019 and will reopen at a new server address of --server

You can set your clients to that now once again if you have a FULLY updated client.

We will be posting a downloadable installer for our server which will utilize the FFXI EU registry (IE: if you have the EU version installed and want to work on RETAIL or ANY OTHER PRIVATE SERVER, you'll want to probably install the US version for retail and ours for our server.

Thanks! Stay tuned for further updates.