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Setup Guide has switched to following FFXI Version Updates alongside DarkStar Project's updates again. This will help you do the INITIAL setup for FFXI, but also Ashita, and Windower. As of 11/16/2018 We have switched to following Updates (as opposed to being on a static version). You will want to update your game client. Follow our update guide here.

Getting Started Guide

  • Lets get started with downloading FFXI Directly from PlayOnline/Square Enix. Download FFXI (4 files, we recommend chrome or firefox since they allow resume if interrupted).
  • Run thru the installer, installing all expansions but you can skip DirectX 8.1.
  • Once installed, grab the Force Update zip
  • Extract the above file into the Final Fantasy XI folder replacing all files it matches.
  • Once this is done, Open PlayOnline and let it update. Then setup a dummy account.
  • You will need to use a code such as ABCD1234 (4 letters and then 4 numbers).
  • Once this is done open the login and find "Check Files"
  • Run File Check on Final Fantasy XI (This will take A VERY LONG TIME, usually overnight)
  • Once this is done, your software is up to date, now we can focus on Windower or Ashita (Scroll down!)
  • ---- Warning: If you are outside of the US or using a non-standard version of windows, you might need to install the MEDIA PACK for Windows. Do a search online for Media Pack for your version! This can vary by OS: Windows 10 K/N Media Feature Pack || Windows 8 K/N Media Feature Pack || Windows 7 K/N Media Feature Pack
  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • For a slightly faster update, you can consider grabbing our old version (September 2018) and update from this point instead of waiting for file check and updates. However the FFXI official update works just fine. (Link: September 2018 Version) (Hint: Do NOT run the setup or registry files, this will be strictly for ffxi files to speed update time)


Windower Setup Guide

  • Item 1
  • Item 2


Ashita Setup Guide

  • Download Ashita from the official source: Ashita XI Download
  • I recommend making a folder either on Desktop or in Documents for "Ashita", then moving the exe into the folder BEFORE running it.
  • Once you run it it will download all of the necessary files. Once that is done, grab this file for (Pre-Configured)
  • Extract that file under your Ashita folder -> Config -> Boot (put the XML file in the Boot folder).
  • You might also need a few required files. I only needed VC2017 found here however, other files might be needed for older OSs and can be linked from here:
  • We do recommend turning off UAC warnings if windows is bothering you about it, otherwise hit OK/Yes/Allow on the popups as they come each launch. You will also want to run Ashita in ADMINISTRATOR mode. Can do this via Right Clicking the shortcut.

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