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Server Commands

Below is a list of server commands accessible to ALL players.
These are subject to change, please understand we will sometimes add others and/or remove them at times.
!addmagic - Adds all valid player spells.
!aery - Teleports player to Fafnir/Nidhogg.
!ah - Auction House menu anywhere
!apocnigh - Shop to access buying the apoc nigh earrings [Must be rank 9 with RoZ and CoP Complete]
!cerberus - Teleports player to Cerberus.
!chocobo - Mounts player to a Chocobo.
!costume - Gives player a costume, eg. !costume 69
!costume2 - Random Costume
!dominion - Teleports player to Behemoth/King Behemoth.
!down - Moves player down X number of spaces eg. !down 69 [for combined use with !wallhack]
!fixspeed - Resets player movement speed.
!flash - Max movement speed.
!fly - FLY Like an EAGLE.
!grats - Fireworks animations
!home - Homepoint warp
!job - For all of your AF1 needs (Some quests are broken, pricing may vary based on quest functionality)
!kill - Kills player [use with caution]
!sorrows - Teleports player to Adamantoise/Aspidochelone
!regen - gives players refresh/regen/protect/shell/haste.
!up - Moves player up X number of spaces eg. !up 69 [for combined use with !wallhack]