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This section will have various help topics, troubleshooting, and more. This will be continuously updated.

FFXI Errors


You were logged out in a zone that is instanced. This happens sometimes if you are stuck in a zone and lose connection, server resets, or you managed to get somewhere you weren't supposed to.

Solution: Load up a secondary char and use !posfix Charname (This will reset your zone to a safe place and you will be able to sign in)

Problems with Solutions

I can't progress in a mission

Some players will get stuck and even after following a guide cannot get past a mission (Or cannot get the key item needed.

Solution: First off if you're using !area command to get around for missions t his is likely the issue. Go back to the zone before zoning into the proper zone for next mission step. And do it manually. Other issues include a key item not registering. We just added !removekeyitem to players commands. You would use this as !removekeyitem (id). The reason we did this is because of the !addallkeyitems command breaking things with missions. You can now research the IDs youeself and remove anything necessary. This is simple because if you don't get the keyitem thing properly to trigger the next cutscene, you can now remove the broken key item and then re-acquire it properly. (We will be fixing the other command in the future. Example of use !removekeyitem 239 ) You can get Key Item IDs here: