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Guide to setting up FFXIV for our server
IMPORTANT NOTE: This server is ONLY for exploration. NPCs, Quests, weapons, equipping, and battles won't work.
I strongly advise playing FFXIV Retail because its freaking awesome. You can join our house on the "Excalibur" server just PM Tagban via Discord.

Setup Guide

- Download FFXIV ISO (This cannot be installed naively alongside 2.x or later versions! ( Torrent | Google Drive )
- Download Seventh Umbral Era Launcher ( Seventh Umbral )
- Install and run FFXIV ISO after mounting it, install it to desired location
- Do not open FFXIV after its installed.
- Install Seventh Umbral launcher.
- Once this is done, navigate to Program Files (for 64-bit users Program Files (x86))
- Find seventh Umbral Launcher folder, and open it.
- Delete servers.xml (IF you don't have any other servers setup yet)
-- If you do have servers already on there, rename servers.xml and edit it to add ours using below code:
<Server Name=" Exploratorium" Address="" LoginUrl="" />
- If you deleted servers.xml, grab our copy here: Right Click -> Save as
- Place this XML file in the Seventh Umbral folder exactly as is.
- Register for the server via our website (Our game servers run out of a seperate location so all use the address (
- Run seventh Umbral Launcher and let it update (You can save the update files ANYWHERE you want).
- Once Updated, select server, and login! Good to go! Enjoy!