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Test Server Setup

First off, our test server is what we plan to roll out for the main server in the near future. This server has a hardcap of 80. This server uses an older static version of FFXI, based on Nasomi's installer, but the server is set to be accessible up to WoTG expansion. (With working content for Original, RotZ, and CoP confirmed, as well as SOME content from ToAU and WoTG working).
Starting off, you need Nasomi's Installer:
We recommend the "Direct Download" (Yes we will be hosting our own eventually!)

You will ALSO need the VC++ 2015 runtimes (32-Bit):
((If this doesn't work. Try uninstalling 2017 and 2015, then installing 2015 fresh first 32-Bit (x86) version!))

You will also need our Launcher:
(ours is the same as Nasomi's however we are using xiloader.exe version that was modified to work with the registry changes that allow Nasomi's install to exist withoug breaking retail install.)

These two things should get you up and running. The server address currently is

This will get forwarded to the future version eventaully! Happy gaming! Please report issues in our discord chat for test-server

Once you have those, go ahead and install the NasomiXI program. you do NOT need to create an account on Nasomi's website unless you'd like to enjoy Nasomi's server as well! (Its pretty awesome but is hardcore exactly like the game was in 2005-2006 era)
So here's the trick, Nasomi's installer puts Nasomi XI on the desktop but that isn't