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    Mac OS X (PPC/Intel) Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne PATCH 1.26a 1.26a

    War3 TFT Patch 1.26a for Mac OS X. Runs great, but won't connect to bnet, nor can they turn on temporary open spots in firewall. PLACEHOLDER
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    Windows 7+ Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos PATCH - 1.26a 1.26a

    This is often oneof the most popular versions on PVPGN servers. Won't work on normal servers thus archived here. :)
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    Mac OS X (PPC/Intel) Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos PATCH 1.26a 1.26a

    This was the final patch for Mac OS X, and arguably one of the preferred ones for playing on PVPGN servers. This patch goes from 1.x to 1.26 in one shot. Currently there is no way to play on PVPGN servers for Mac on Warcraft III. See details about W3L tool on pvpgn's website. This is still...
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    Test poll

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    Test visuals

    This is a thread.
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    Not working BNU-Bot 2 Stable

    Attached is BNU-Bot v6 installer with a stable build. I have tested this and it currently does not function as intended even in older computers. Known issues: requires Java 6, hard coded server address for botnet.