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May 14, 2015
Hey guys I just found this fork of Citra, its pretty awesome and things work AWESOME


you can download the latest release, and get your roms and start playing.

some games require some files from an actual 3ds, if you need help (i can either send you mines or provide you some expert google search assistance )

as for the roms themselves, you can find them easily on google, just searching for decrypted .3ds roms, or you can decrypte them yourselves if you have a 3ds with cfw. (but this is kinda pointless if you have a 3ds with cfw)

to update the latest release of that citra, just right click the updater.ps1 in the installed location and "Run with Powershell," it should update to the newest release and open Citra automatically

I am currently using my Ps4 controller to play games, using DS4Windows to connect my ps4 controller to windows.
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