Road map to full launch! For anyone with the skills or desire to help


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Dec 5, 2015
The following list in order are the things I believe most important to be ready for our full public launch, the more help we get the quicker that happens also your help now could lead to a staff position later if that's something your looking for

  • Warp master needs corrected to not allow warps to different dungeon levels
  • Job master needs to be cleaned up for a pre server
  • Item and mob database needs to be migrated to sql
  • Grf(game data) needs to be encrypted so reduce the chance of exploits after going open source
  • The server needs a name
  • Front page for the server needs to be designed and made
  • Api needs to be made to update the front pages database with the game database (this serves as a backup for us and a searchable database with leader boards)
  • Api needs to be made so we can do account creation from the front page
  • Server and client need to be cleaned and prepped for github
  • Guides need to be written to help new players understand the ragnarok interface (explain all the shortcuts and secret menu settings)
  • Guides need to be written to help new players set up their own local server test environments and clients
  • NPCs, scripts, and data need to be created for our full launch event
  • Figure out how to make the cash shop work
That's it for now there's alot of things on this list only I can do but there's plenty the community can help with
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