5/13/2017 Changelog


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Dec 5, 2015
List of updated things

---Remade Warp Master from ground up with proper Town/dungen warps and NPC locations
--- ADDED Prontera PVP map to Warp master at no cost (there's a warp portal opposite of where you spawn in to leave)
---Changed Reset NPC to take an Andre Egg card over a Drops Card
---- Added things to the tool shop in prontera (trying to get things to a point where you dont have to hop city to city for basic needs)
---- Adjusted price and weight of GrapeJuice (tool tip does not show new weight yet its 8)
---- Added Quiver Vendor inside of the weapon shop in prontera
---- Removed Tendrilion from the Deadbranch list
---- added one click rental NPC for mounts and birds inside the room with the job NPC in prontera
---- adjusted drop rates of Valk gear down by 20%
---- Memos fixed i've allowed warping to everywhere except WoE and PVP areas enjoy (yes this means inside of dungens.... just not the castle ones)
--- added the following GM commands for all users

who: true
whodrops: true
iteminfo: true
uptime: true
mobinfo: true
showexp: true
showzeny: true
autotrade: true
time: true
whereis: true
whogm: true
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