RO: Updates and Moving Foward (6/29/2018

I've been thinking a lot the last few weeks and since I believe most people have abandoned the server in my absence i will just be releasing a new client in the next few days. the reason being is its going to save me butt tons of time vs trying to get the patcher to patch its self, in order for it to patch its self something im not 100% sure its capable of since the whole patch system is being overhauled and relocated but i was willing to trial and error my way through it to avoid making you guys download an entirely new client.

i have to refamiliarize my self with what exactly i was doing before everything came to a screeching halt but i expect to be releasing the new client before the end of the week.

the last thing that will need to be done before full launch will be the development of the website (theres premade kits out there we can edit for our purpose), and linking the databases together to support the cash shop and teir ranking. IF YOUR OUT THERE ANY OF YOU im looking for suggestions of what kinda stuffs you'd like to see in the cash shop this new client should support costumes properly however it hasnt been fully tested so theres tons of room for cosmetics once i figure out how to integrate them.

i have a keen eye for Balance and Responsibility with this cash shop however having it allows us to put money aside to hire experts to help us with some of the custom things we'd like to have on our server For example an android client. or a spiffy website


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