RO: Early Access Client and State of the Union 07/13/2018

Follow the link below for an early access client. This is a total overhaul of the original Ragnarok Interface, there are A LOT of new features and some of them do not work yet because there is things we have to do server side and or have not been properly translated, or they simply do not apply to our server

Now understand there is no PATCHER included in this release that means within the next day or so when we do get the patcher images there will be another release you will have to download install and remove this version (it will not be allowed to connect when that happens)

it also is not packed as an installer, it is just a simple zip file just place it where you want it right mouse click it and hit extract here, inside the Sanctuary RO folder you'll find sanctuaryRO.exe use that to launch the game

I could really use people playing with this client to make sure its as stable as its appearing to be and provide feedback asap

While your here, Let me summarize a few things that have mostly taken place in the discord chat. I've teamed up with Skeptikal from ZionRO for a merge of concepts here and that means a few things are going to change some good and some...... you may whine about.

For starters there is now 2 of us with direct access to the server in its current location this means not everything is on my shoulders anymore and stuff is actually starting to get done in a timely manner (I know finally)
Skep is way more competent then i am with all things Computers and is really going to speed up our launch time he will be a fantastic asset

Our servers location will eventually be migrating to an actual dedicated blade server, this means more stability (not that we haven't been stable ) and we will be capable of supporting over 1000 players

We have plans of hosting a total of 3 services, the current sanctuaryRO Server will take the position of a lower rate server and the rates are going to be dropped to at least 25x for EXP drops will probably stay about the same we haven't decided yet HOWEVER we have plans to add a Mirrored PK server if we can get it working where it shares database tables that has Higher rates that you can jump back and forth between. PK Mode is where PVP is on outside of towns and you can attack anyone within a certain level range, you will also have a small chance of dropping a piece of gear in PK Mode when you die so it is risky BUT the trade off is much higher EXP and Drop rates, you will always have the option of switching back and forth between the two servers

The third Service will be a High rate server, the details of this server haven't been discussed yet as soon as we get to this point we'll start talking about how we want to do this
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