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Below will be a list of commands and descriptions of all GM commands accessible on this server for level 1 GMs (All players).


All commands use ! infront of them to trigger them.

animation Use as !animation value get value IDs from DSP directly.
changejob Changes main job. Use as !changejob WAR 99
changesjob Changes subjob. Use as !changesjob WHM 49
costume Use as !costume 100 .. Literally thousands of costumes. NPC looks, objects, etc. Have fun with it!
spawnmob How to force spawn a monster. This does NOT always work properly because of different versions of the same monster in different places in the game. Use carefully! (Check here for IDs: DSP )
despawnmob Same as above
release Releases player from cutscene.
where Shows location and facing direction values in chat log.

goto any other player IE: !goto Tagban

pettp Set Pets TP IE: !pettp 300
godmode Dont be stupid. It turns you into a friggin god!
nuke Special. ;)
kill Special. ;)
capallskills usable after each level to recap up skills. 
reset Resets recast timers.


Use as !addmission logID missionID

Where logID is from Log IDs. (Can use either the Log ID number or name.)

Where missionID is from Missions. (Must use the Mission ID number.)

Use as !addquest logID questID

Where logID is from Log IDs. (Can use either the Log ID number or name.)

Where questID is from Quests. (Must use the Quest ID number.)

Checkquest will report one of the following status: AVAILABLE, ACCEPTED or COMPLETED.

wallhack allows you to hack thru walls and objects. Sets you to a static Z axis so you cant go up or down in terrain. !wallhack  will turn it either on or off depending on current status.
fly Special. Makes you fly into the air and have a birds eye view! (Also turns you into a bird because Tagban hates you.)
flash Special. Makes you run like the fastest man alive. 
speed Use as !speed 60 will adjust your speed. Cant go above a certain point.
addallspells Adds all spells in the game. This CAN add broken spells so be careful!
addspell adds specific spell based on Spell IDs found on DSP site.
addkeyitem Be freaking careful. Seriously.
aery Special, moves you to the Aery!
ah Brings AH menu. (Doesnt matter, just use !additem!
additem Add item from anywhere in the database. You can get the itemID visiting it on It is part of the URL. IE Alexandrite: is Item ID 2488
apocnigh You know what this does. BNCC Specialz!
appear GM Command to randomly appear infront of others.
cerberus This bastard needs to die. Use god mode and abuse it.
chocobo Get your ass movin (To dismount use /dismount)
cnation Changes your allegience. 1 San D, 2 Bastok, 3 Windy IIRC
costume2 More costume fun! SHOULD let you fight in costume.
dominion Behemoth has it comin!
down Moves char down a few spots on the Z axis.
up Moves char UP a few spots on the Z axis.
fixspeed Resets speed to server default
gmgear Gives you GM gear. This is only wearable by HUME.
gmisland Sends you to our secret base. ;)
home Takes you to homepoint.
hp Adjusts your HP
mp Adjusts your MP
tp Adjusts your TP.
kirin Kirin.
job Job Shop menu!
learnmagic MUCH SAFER THAN "Addallspells" because it only learns legit magic.
mog Summons Moogle in other areas. Doesnt really work well.
music Adjusts zone music for you.
petgodmode Go bananas. Just do it on Cerberus.
posfix Moves an OFFLINE players POS out of a bad area (Bad areas cause crashes!)
raise Raise the dead!
regen our old school regen/refresh command
seahorror fuck i dont remember. Try it..
signet yea
starlight fireworks.
shop yea