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    FFXIV Free to level 60! Come play on Excalibur!
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    Update: 10/26/2020

    Wanted to make everyone aware, the server has moved to a new box here that's dedicated for it. It will be moved to a more dedicated connection in a week or two. But this box houses the database and everything within so its completely self contained. Will take an effort to get it setup properly...
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    Envisioning the world. <3

    Envisioning the world. <3
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    Getting Started Guide

    Below is the required software needed to follow the guide: Game Client Downloads: US Retail Installer: You can use Windower or Ashita directly from their versions. We will provide detailed instructions soon! Point client to...
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    All commands use ! infront of them to trigger them. animation Use as !animation value get value IDs from DSP directly. changejob Changes main job. Use as !changejob WAR 99 changesjob Changes subjob. Use as !changesjob WHM 49 costume Use as !costume 100 .. Literally thousands of...
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    Whois Tagban

    Greetings everyone! I've been around both communities since around 1998 with and 2002/03 with Final Fantasy XI. Been hosting a Private FFXI server since 2012 using older variations of source code. Currently I have 2 kids and not as much time as I once did, but still enjoy being part...
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    Private Server Tools QuickFix 0.0.1

    This quick zip unzips into your FFXI directory to allow it to run updates from POL.