Getting Started Guide

Below is the required software needed to follow the guide:

Game Client Downloads:
US Retail Installer:
You can use Windower or Ashita directly from their versions. We will provide detailed instructions soon! Point client to:

The Guide:
・Start with downloading the game client from FFXI website.
・Run the EXE and it will extract to where you want the installer to reside (We recommend backing up these files to flash drive or something so you always have them!)
・Open the folder and you will find FFXIFullSetup_US ・(This could be _EU or just FFXIFullSetup if in Japan version.
・Run FFXISetup.exe
・Check boxes for PlayOnline and Final Fantasy XI (You might also need the DirectX Runtime so do that if you do!)
・Follow thru the DirectX, PlayOnline, and Final Fantasy XI windows. (You can change install directory here if you want!)
・FFXI MIGHT try to restart after it registers something with windows. Would advise letting the computer restart and then restarting JUST THE FFXI (checkbox) Install process.
・Once FFXI completes installing, go ahead and open PlayOnline (Run updates if necessary).
・While PlayOnline updates are running, go ahead and grab our Quick Update file, and extract those files into your PlayOnline\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XI folder.
・Now that you have the Quick Update zip extracted AND PlayOnline is finished updating, it should re-open but if not open it and lets set that up!
・Click for PlayOnline Members
・Make a member name
・Fill in POL ID using combination of 4 letters then 4 numbers (ABCD1234) as the POL ID.
Then hit Register・some other things MIGHT prompt but nothing gets sent to Square at this stage.
・Hit Log in to PlayOnline Now
This is where the update comes to play, on the left side hit Check Files ・If you skipped the Quick Update ・step, Final Fantasy XI might show grayed out or inaccessible. If you did extract the zip into the folder, you will see Version: Unknown.
・Hit Check Files・It will find 3 files needing repaired. Then hit File Repair ・and on the next pop up Yes
・this will then download the most recent update info and properly replace any files needed.
Once this is finished its time to pick a windower program. Next two sections are seperate one for windower setup and one for Ashita guide.
Ashita Guide: (We recommend Ashita as it tends to run smoother and has better enhancements for gameplay)
・Download latest Ashita here:
・BEFORE RUNNING, Make a folder where you want this to reside and place the EXE there. I do recommend Desktop or Documents folder so it has permissions to write its own config (Dont recommend C Drive main directory, or program files folders.
・Run Ashita.exe and it will download updates and modules.
・I also recommend making a shortcut to Ashita.exe to your desktop but that is your choice
・Ashita comes Pre-packaged with everything you need to connect to any FFXI private server. So once it downloads the updates we go right to configuration!
・Configuration for
・Hit the + symbol at the bottom left.
・Configuration Name, I use
・File: .\ffxi-bootmod\pol.exe
・Command: --server --user YourUserName --pass YourPassWord (Obviously change YourUserName and YourPassWord to what you either use, or plan to use)
・Script: Default.txt (Optional to change if you customize Ashita a lot.)
・Under Window・on the left you can make decisions there but by default Window Size shows 1024 x 768. You can adjust this to 1080p by doing 1920x1080 but might need to switch off Windowed mode if you want full screen. You also might want to tweak the background resolution (I use 2048x2048).
All other settings should be good. If you already have an account this should get you up and running if not, when you first run it it will fail to login so you can select option 1 to create an account. and then that will fix it.
Windower Guide:
・Coming Soon ・/p>
Other Needed Software:
You may already have these. These are here as shortcuts incase you dont!
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0:
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2:
Visual C++ 2010 32-bit:
Visual C++ 2012 32-Bit:
Visual C++ 2013 32-bit:
Visual C++ 2015 32-bit:
Visual C++ 2017 32-bit: