Why EV?


Staff member
Oct 16, 2020
A long time ago, approximately 1996 I got my first Mac Addict disc. It came with a game called "Escape Velocity". This game was one of the first 'open world' games I ever played, where while there were limits, it was pretty wide open and up to you how you wanted to play.

Fast Forward 2018. Ambrosia is gone, no way to register or re-download my beloved game. So I found some methods to fix that and wanted to share my happy place from when I was a kid with the rest of the world.

Originally I bought a domain hoping to backup what was left of plugins and Ambrosia SW's website, but found out someone else had already done it. But with very little documentation I wanted to start a place on my forums to ensure if you had some problems I can help, or the community can. Reddit is another great resource, plugins exist everywhere, but if you want to share, please do!

Welcome to BNET.cc's Escape Velocity subsection!